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April’s Plant of the Month

Chances are, when most people think of spring in Atlanta, they think of the purple haze of Redbud trees, the white fluttering of Dogwoods and the wall-to-wall rainbow of Azaleas. It’s a beautiful city in all seasons and spring may be the jewel in Atlanta’s horticultural crown.

There are a lot of less-considered plants for color and interest that can be incorporated into a yard or garden, some more unusual choices that might get a lingering gaze from passers-by or even the squeal of car brakes driving past a front yard.

Take, for example, Snowball Viburnum. Would this beauty not stop just about anyone in their tracks?

Ok, she’s a big girl – 12’ to even 20’ – but she can be pruned immediately after flowering to control size if you must. Better yet, prune this statuesque  stunner into a small tree! The flowers start out a lovely chartreuse green and grow larger and larger until they are a perfectly-white froth of bubbles. And the color usually lasts a month. What they lack in fragrance they more than make up for by providing beautiful blooms for cut arrangements inside. Pick a sunny spot for the most flowers.

While she quietly exits the show in May, you’ll certainly remember this life-of-the-party for a long time to come! We’d be glad to help find some room for one in your garden!