lawn maintenance mowing Atlanta GAKara Prazenica, Account Manager

Kara has an undergraduate degree in social work, but a summer job during college in landscaping turned into a career.  Kara is an avid reader, enjoys spending time outdoors, gardening (of course), travelling with her husband, and sports.

Favorite Plant:  Fragrant Tea Olive – It’s versatile, can handle some shade, evergreen, and has a delicious fragrance twice a year.

Favorite Season: Fall – sweatshirts and shorts, outdoor fires, fall foliage, and football!

Biggest Gardening Mistake: I am from the northeast part of the US, where we have nice dark rich soil.  When I moved to Georgia, I planted a whole bunch of shrubs and perennials without properly amending the “soil.”  I learned really fast that the Georgia clay is no joke and that tilling and amending is the most important part of a planting!

Most Valued Gardening Tool: My Hori Hori gardening knife.  I love it!  I use it for switching out annual color container plants, pulling those stubborn weeds, installing groundcovers – all kinds of uses!

Best Reason to be in the Backyard: Sunshine, fresh air, watching the hummingbirds, getting my hands dirty while working – it’s all great!

What I love most about living in Atlanta: I actually live 40 miles south of Atlanta, but that’s very close to endless number of activities, events, concerts, sporting events, etc.

What I love most about working at Contemporary Gardens: The atmosphere here is very informal.  We can all be ourselves, which is important when working for a small company.  We can get to know each of our crew members as well as fellow managers.

Alma Mater: Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI