Contemporary Gardens’ Trucks Get a Spring Makeover

Contemporary Gardens is dusting the pollen off of their old look and rolling out a spring makeover.  “It was time for us to take our new logo and expand it to all collateral, trucks and yard signs,’” said owner David Pyron.

Atlanta landscapingContemporary Gardens teamed up with MOCK, the agency, to create a look and feel that is stopping traffic.

“A fleet of vehicles is an excellent opportunity to help build a brand. Each truck is a rolling billboard for Contemporary Gardens. We designed the trucks to be visually eye-catching while demonstrating their landscaping expertise through interesting facts about specific plant and flower species,” said Donald Mock, owner of Mock, the agency.

Contemporary Gardens understands how important it is to look professional while their team is working in your yard. Each truck highlights a different southern flower and all sorts of fun facts that are sure to delight even the most disgruntled Atlanta driver.

Be on the lookout for our dazzling trucks and more exciting makeovers that are on the way!

Memorial Japanese Maple Saved from Wrecking Ball

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Over 16 years ago a Japanese Maple tree was planted as a living memorial to Alec Martin on the grounds of E. Rivers Elementary.  At the time, Martin’s grandmother was an active volunteer with the PTA and wanted to plant a special memorial to her grandson who had passed away.

When E. Rivers Elementary went under major demolition last fall, the tree was slated to be destroyed.  That’s when E. Rivers parents, Stephanie (PTA co-President) and David Pyron stepped in.  “It was important for us to save this tree, not only for its beauty, but for the sentimental meaning the tree brings to the Martin family, E. Rivers Elementary and the community,” said David Pyron.

David’s company, Contemporary Gardens, volunteered sizable equipment and time to safely remove the tree and have it replanted in a temporary home across the street.  When the campus finishes its construction, David’s team will bring the tree back home.

“Community service is an important part of our guiding principles at Contemporary Gardens.  We are proud of the fact that we help the neighbors and the community in which we work,” said Pyron.

E. Rivers Elementary is located at 8 Peachtree Battle Avenue, NW, Atlanta.